Signal. Sonderausgabe der
Berliner Illustrirten Zeitung.
Deutscher Verlag Berlin,
1940 – 1945.





Documents & Research




Documents & Research

Here you will find various written material on the history and publication of Signal. Archival records are posted in the Documents section. Contemporary Magazine Features includes interviews and articles from the time Signal was published. Lastly, you will find material derived from research that I carry out at present under Current Research, including the list of published issues and editions.


"Der Krieg ist ganz plötzlich wie eine rasende Hyäne über uns hergefallen."
In November 1943 Signal correspondent Hilmar Pabel wrote a long letter to his wife, describing a series of heavy air raids on Berlin in which their own home was destroyed.

Deutscher Verlag file note on Signal dated February 15, 1945
Even at a time when the defeat of the Third Reich was imminent, the propagandists of the Wehrmacht and the Deutscher Verlag were still projecting the future production of Signal, a fact to which this document is striking testimony. The memo discusses which editions should still be produced, including a Spanish version – despite the fact that the magazine could no longer be shipped to Spain, so it may have been intended for the handful of Spanish volunteers still fighting on the German side. Includes verbatim transcript of the memo plus English translation, as well as an in-depth analysis.

Contemporary Magazine Features

"The Most Remarkable and Stunning Magazine of Europe" (Kustaa Vaasa, 1943)
In 1943 the Finnish periodical Kustaa Vaasa published an interview with the former supervising editor of the Finnish edition of Signal, Miss Salama Simonen. The article provides highly interesting information on the distribution of Signal in Finland, how the foreign language editions were produced, and on the authorities of the translations teams. Includes footnotes with background information.

"U.S. Is Losing the War of Words" (LIFE, Vol. 14, No. 12, March 22, 1943)
In this article LIFE, the American magazine famous for its layout and photographs (which made it a role model for Signal), highlighted the various efforts and different approaches of Allied and Axis foreign propaganda, comparing the American Victory to the German Signal. Guess who won.

Current Research

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List of Issues and Editions
A list of all the issues and editions of Signal, including notes on printing, distribution, cover variations and various trivia. It is constantly updated with information from contributing researchers and collectors around the world. Link accesses a subpage with introductory text.

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Excerpts from the Goebbels Diaries
A growing number of entries from the diaries of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, dealing with Signal, Das Reich (its intellectual pendant), the PK, and German foreign propaganda in general. German excerpts with English introduction and footnotes.

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The Extra Color Pages from Signal
This page lists the additional color plates included in selected editions of Signal from issue 7/44 until the end of publication. Right now it's still an all-text list, it will be turned into an illustrated article in a little while.

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The Distribution in Switzerland
Some brief notes about the distribution of the magazine in Switzerland.

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