Signal. Sonderausgabe der
Berliner Illustrirten Zeitung.
Deutscher Verlag Berlin,
1940 – 1945.





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The Soviet Union in Signal
(France, October 1940 — June 1944)

by Sébastien Saur

This article, an abstract of the author's maîtrise delivered at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg in 2002, which has since been published by Éditions Anovi, analyses the characterisation of the Soviet Union and its population in Signal. The abridged article was first printed in the French magazine Histoire de Guerre, issue 38, July/August 2003. Particular emphasis is laid on the way Signal treated the Soviet Union – first ally, then enemy –, and on the propagandistic and ideological conflicts arising in the form of Eastern volunteers, which forced Signal to alter and eventually compromise the Nazis' concept of the Eastern "subhuman". The author also supplies proof of an increasingly outspoken anti-Semitism in Signal as the war progressed.

Sébastien Saur has kindly provided an English translation of his article, along with the unaltered French text. You can read the English translation online, or download either the French or English version as a zipped Word document.

Allied Airmen and Signal
by Bruce Bolinger

A summary of three airmen's encounters with German propaganda on their escape routes across western Europe.

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