Signal. Sonderausgabe der
Berliner Illustrirten Zeitung.
Deutscher Verlag Berlin,
1940 – 1945.





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This list wants to be a tool for collectors, to assist them in quickly establishing which issues and editions were produced. It is also intended as a service for both historians and researchers, being a concise collection of the most essential details pertaining to the publishing history of Signal. You will find a number of important facts about the publication and distribution of the magazine in the 'Notes' column.

The list vividly illustrates the spreading of Signal as the Nazis extended their grasp on Europe. New editions sprung up shortly after the respective country had been either invaded and subdued, compelled to join the Axis side, or simply had become accessible to German propaganda. The cessation of a number of editions can equally be linked to the ongoing war in Europe.

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Recent Changes

July 6, 2008: The list has now been updated for the first time since 2005. Due to the large number of changes, I kindly refer you to the previous version for comparison.

The list will continue to undergo revisions as new information arrives.


I'm indebted to the many collectors and researchers who have contributed, either directly or indirectly, to the creation and revision of this list. In alphabetical order, they are:

  Carlos Diez, Spain
  Enrique Fernandez-Xesta, Spain
  Richard Funke, France
  Jeff Hanson, United States
  Gert Helsen, Belgium
  Zs. Kenesei, Hungary
  Raimo Kotiranta, Finland
  Markku Kuusisto, Finland
  Jean-Marie Leclercq, Belgium
  Stelio Millo †, Italy
  Thomas Pettersson, Sweden
  Olivier Rondel, France
  Sébastien Saur, France

A number of gentlemen have kindly requested not to be identified by name, so they do not show up in the above list. Naturally I am equally grateful to them for supplying me with information in the same communal spirit.

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