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Finnish newspapers published a wide variety of advertisements promoting either specific issues of Signal or the magazine as a whole. The ads were locally done — possibly paid for and approved by the German press attaché in Finland — and are of very variable quality. Some of them were quite artistic. Of particular note in this respect may be the one from Aamulehti (or Morning Post), March 3, 1944, which depicted Signal as the axis of the world.

The following ads were scanned and submitted by Raimo Kotiranta. They have been arranged in chronological order.

"Signal, a splendid European magazine, now also available in Swedish!"

From: Aamulehti, April 23, 1941.

"How Germany is defeating her enemies — how she is planning a bright future for the whole of Europe: Signal shows it."

From: Aamulehti, August 28, 1941.

"Signal — now in Finnish!"

From: Aamulehti, February 5, 1942.

"Whoever reads Signal is in the know!"

From: Aamulehti, May 23, 1942.

"From the latest issue of Signal: A visit to Finland — How does a young girl live in Stockholm? — More photo news from the frontlines"

From: Turun Sanomat, July 10, 1942.

A 1942 ad announcing the end-of-year double issue 23/24, which had 72 pages.

From: Aamulehti, December 21, 1942.

"Signal reports on world news in words and pictures!"

From: Aamulehti, January 25, 1944.

"A large part of the Russians as well as other peoples of the east are today fighting for their freedom side by side with the Germans"

From: Helsingin Sanomat, February 21, 1944. (An almost identical version was published in the issue for February 22.)

"Signal, a modern magazine of our times! An excellent source of information, [with] splendid color photographs!"

From: Aamulehti, March 3, 1944.

"What is Germany fighting for?"

From: Aamulehti, March 31, 1944.

"Why Germany is shooting at England"

An advertisement published less than three weeks before the Finnish-Soviet armistice, documenting the huge delays in publication which Signal suffered after the summer of 1944.

The ad announced the Extra supplement included with issue number 11/1944.

From Aamulehti, September 1, 1944.

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